Kids' “Cha-Melier” - Green Tea Sommelier Certification Test in Joyo City
Hosted by The Kyoto Yamashiro Regional Promotion Office
The Uji Tea Village Development Council
The Kyoto Tea Industry Association
The Kyoto Tea Cooperative Association
Date November 9th, 2019
Time 12:30pm - 4:00pm
Place Joyo City Cultural Center ”Bunka Parc Joyo”
1 Terada Imahori, Joyo City, Kyoto
Contents Kids' “Cha-Melier” - Green Tea Sommelier Certification Test

Learning how to brew delicious green tea
Making desserts using green tea

Participants : 3rd-6th graders
Capacity : 80 kids
How to Apply
You can apply online, by fax or postcard.
<For Online Application / PC and Smartphone>
Please visit Yamashiro Kominet Website :

Please write down your information (1) - (7) on a postcard and mail it to the address below. (1) Postal Code (2) Home Address (3) Name (4) The Name of Your Elementary School (5) Your Grade (6)The Venue of The Event (7) Phone Number
Address : 53 Wakabayashi, Iseda-Cho, Uji City, Kyoto 611-0043
To : NPO Yamashiro Kominetto Kids "Cha-Melier”
<By Fax>
Please fill out the application form on the back of the flyer and send it to the fax number below.

-Application Deadline : October 26th, 2019 (Postcards must be received by this deadline.)
Attachment File Kids' "Cha-Melier” - Green Tea Sommelier Certification Test in Joyo City