About the booklet “We love Uji Tea”
The association has created a booklet called “We Love Uji Tea” to help people learn about the history, culture, benefits, and manufacturing process of Uji Tea.

All the Japanese kanji (Chinese characters) on every page are marked with furigana(words that show pronunciation) so that people of all ages, from children to the elderly, can read them. The story is written in conversational Q & A style, between a doctor and a child for easy understanding and to make this booklet enjoyable.

In order to spread the knowledge of Uji Tea more, we would like to provide the booklet “We love Uji Tea” to each facility free of charge.
Nursery School / Day Care
Only if you have an event or meeting where the booklet can be distributed to parents.
Elementary School
Junior High School
Middle School -Only if you want to use it as a supplementary reading material for social study class to learn about Uji Tea.
How to Apply Please fill out the application form (PDF file below) and send it to us by mail or fax
After the association confirms the application form, we will send it to you.

The booklet “We love Uji Tea” Application form (PDF file)
postage Shipping Fee Kyoto : Free Shipping Outside of Kyoto : Fee will be charged when you receive the booklets
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