About Uji Tea GAP(Good Agricultural Practice)
Purpose Uji Tea GAP(Good Agricultural Practice) is designed to enhance the trust of Uji tea by ensuring high-quality, safety and reliability.
Also by promoting environmentally friendly tea production and preventing agricultural accidents, we ensure the sustainable development of Uji tea growers and production areas.
With the above goals in mind, tea producers, related organizations, and the government are working together to introduce and practice using Uji Tea GAP.
Characteristics Uji Tea GAP is Kyoto uniform management standards.
This consists of a "practice campaign" in which all tea growers in Kyoto participate, and an "approval system" in which tea factories who meet certain standards are approved to join.
Uji Tea GAP practitioners and approvers will receive a "Uji Tea GAP Practice Confirmation Certificate" and "Uji Tea GAP Approval Certificate".
What is the "Uji Tea GAP Promotion Project"? In order to promote Uji Tea GAP, the following organizations were established in March 2013
Organizations : Kyoto Tea Industry Association (Public Interest Association)
Kyoto Tea Production Council
Kyoto Tea Cooperative Association
JA Group Kyoto (JA: Japan Agricultural Cooperatives)
:JA Kyoto Central Association
:JA Zen-Noh Kyoto
:JA Tea production area
:Kyoto Prefecture??
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