2019 Ujicha Festival
Hosted by "Uji Tea" Festival Consumption Event Executive Committee
Date October 6th, 2019
Time 10:00am - 4:00pm
Place Around "Tachibanajima, Tonoshima" in Uji Prefectural Park
Contents (1)Yamashiro area municipal PR booth
  [Tour of tea-producing areas, appearance of local characters]
(2)Opening of Yamashiro area hometown products
(3)Sale of Uji tea sweets and Uji tea related products
(4)Uji Tea Challenge Shop
  [Opening of goods sales for those who aim to become entrepreneurs]
(5)Uji tea experience corner
  [Hojicha making experience, Gogumi (genmaicha) experience, stone mill experience]
(6)How to brew tea range
  [Sencha brewing class for parents and children. Co-sponsored with Uji Tea Stamp Rally]
(7)Kids / Junior Tea Tea by Murie Master
  [The behavior of tea by children with excellent results in the "Kids Tea Murie Test"]
◆ Simultaneous holding
・ The 68th Uji Tea Festival(Organizer: Uji Tea Festival Support Party) 9:00am~
・ Uji tea stamp rally(Organizer: Kyoto Bunkyo University) 10:00am~
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